Latest Videos

Yulei Qiu, Jihong Zhu, Cosimo Della Santina, Michael Gienger, and Jens Kober. Robotic Fabric Flattening with Wrinkle Direction Detection. arXiv:2303.04909 [cs.RO], 2023. [bibtex] [pdf] [url] [doi] [video]

Rodrigo Pérez-Dattari and Jens Kober. Stable Motion Primitives via Imitation and Contrastive Learning. arXiv:2302.10017 [cs.RO], 2023. [bibtex] [pdf] [doi] [code] [video]

Armin Avaei, Linda van der Spaa, Luka Peternel, and Jens Kober. An Incremental Inverse Reinforcement Learning Approach for Motion Planning with Human Preferences. arXiv:2301.10528 [cs.RO], 2023. [bibtex] [pdf] [doi] [video]

Carlos E. Celemin and Jens Kober. Knowledge- and Ambiguity-Aware Robot Learning from Corrective and Evaluative Feedback. Neural Computing and Applications, 2023. [bibtex] [pdf] [doi] [video]

Jihong Zhu, Michael Gienger, Giovanni Franzese, and Jens Kober. Do You Need a Hand? – An Interactive Robotic Dressing Assistance Scheme. arXiv:2301.02749 [cs.RO], 2023. [bibtex] [pdf] [url] [doi] [video]

Jelle Luijkx, Zlatan Ajanović, Laura Ferranti, and Jens Kober. PARTNR: Pick and place Ambiguity Resolving by Trustworthy iNteractive leaRning. In NeurIPS 2022 - 5th Robot Learning Workshop: Trustworthy Robotics, 2022. [bibtex] [pdf] [url] [video]